how to make libra feel loved?

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Why, 1. Because we aren’t emotional, we decide based off logic and intuition, you have intuition also, but too emotional. 2. Before your “revenge” kicks in you’re dead. 3. Yes, Mars rules both Aries and Scorpio, but the Aries is unbreakable. 4. The Su
So let's discuss fifth house, I got nothing better to do right now... What's the sign on your fifth house cusp, tell me about it's ruler-- where it is located and aspects and planets in 5H Fifth house would show what we attract or how we behave whe
I'm in a thing with my ex-colleague Libra. We live in 2 different continents all together. I have always taken things with him casually, and was never really sure if whatever he said about his feelings for me was true. However, I have lately started t
Do you get along with them and like them as a person or romantically? If not, are there other aspects formed by your other planets to them that could be the reason for you disliking your opposite? Have they taught you any important life lessons by
Hello, Jan 18 Cap here. New to this boards, but thought I'd just come by and say hi to everyone And also make a ra
Maybe it’s just me or him or an Aqua thing.... but that eye contact.... The most intense experience whenever he looks into my eyes. I feel like he’s looking into my soul and discovering all my secrets. I feel loved and desired, completely exposed, afraid
Anyone else on here not know their time of birth and therefore not know their ascendant and houses? Do you find this has stunted your astrological growth? I'm glad to know my sun and planets but feel it is an incomplete picture. Any thoughts?
Just give me what I want and we can work the friendship in! XD
Ok so I have a new Aries co-worker ( April 1st) So basically I like her so far- but not really 🤷‍♀️ She has been with us a week and a half, and within the first day I felt like she was challenging me/ or my importantance in the company. Being the V
I’ve got this astrology book I read when I’m interested in a sign I’m not familiar with. Last night I reread the Capricorn section after knowing my cap for a few months to see how aligned it was with him. “Celebrity Capricorns” touted Tiger Woods and Jude
As much as we are known to be stubborn, I've started getting fickle as I grow older. I was very stubborn as a child but now I act according to what feels right at that moment, disregarding what I had thought of earlier. Is it the same with you guys too? I
What are you like when dating someone ! Are you all or nothing kind of person? Do you like to lead?
I want to know what I appear as, please give a reasoning if you have one.
Dear fellow Ariens, As you all know, most of the time we are carefree ... smiley .. cheerful .. and go getters .. but .