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I need an outsider's opinion. Confused by libra man-is he just being friendly or is he interested???
I really like this libra guy I met at college. I have tried to shake it, but it's not exactly working. Anyway, at first I thought he was interested because he was very friendly, good eye contact, initiated conversations, and even initiated a project to wo
Libras- HELP.
I need help. I'm a junior in high school .. And I talk to a libra. Well atleast I did.. I love him very much and in the beginning things were perfect . He took my virginity this year , we broke up some months after that. And I would bug him and try to tal
As a pisces, how do I win over a Libra man??
I heard this two are difficult match but I reaaally into this guy. It's pretty long story but it's weird yet amusing lol. We first met each in elementary school, classmates for ages so we're pretty close friends. Then he moved overseas for a year then
Heads up Libra folk - there's a full moon coming your way....
Hi All, Am back in the swing of writing and the new article about the Full Moon at 4 Libra is now up: does the Full Moon fall in your chart? Does the article bring up any views/opinions that you want to share. There are a lot of questions in there tha
Any fellow Libs have issues with
Copycat friends? Like everything clothing, bags, perfume-most I can accept but the perfume thing pisses me off. This is like a trademark thing but I guess it can also be good now that I think about it. Eg when I smell a guy smelling of the one im into
Libra is confusing
I'm in love with a Libra, and he knows, because I told him. We live together and have for six months. We spend most of our time together. Is it okay to let him know my heart is breaking because he hasn't voiced feeling the same? He hasn't ever said anythi
Libra in arguments
My little brother is an Aquarius and has just cut off his Libra friend. Last year the Libra was supposed to buy a wig for someone worth $300 and the other person called my brother 6months later asking if Libra could be trusted and my brother pretty much u
Hello beautiful people 👌......
Question for you guys. How would a libra man be described with these placements? Sag rising, libra sun, Aries moon, libra merc, Virgo Venus, Virgo Mars, Sag Jupiter, Scorpio Saturn , Uranus sag , sag Neptune, libra Pluto? Thank you all in advance!! 😊
Have you ever thought
What kind of person do you want as your soulmate? if youre married/dating, what made you decide that he/she is the one? What was that moment like?