Sneaky Libra

By bmoon8June 8, 2021 9:57pm — 49 replies
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Hey ya'll. I really need some help here. I have this feeling I'm being strung along. I'm 35/he's 45. That's important, bc I'm at the stage now where I don't want any more 'experiences'. I want my life partner. He said the same..but....I digress. We have
Please help this Leo - is he breaking up with me?
Ok ya'll. SOS. The deets: Me- Leo/35 never married Him Libra 45- twice divorced. Me- good girl, musician, christian. Him- ex drug dealer, super checked past, claims to be Christian, checkered relational past. We have been dating 4 months. It escalated QU
Libra sun Cancer moon man help
So him and I are talking. This is my first time dealing with a libra guy....first time dealing with a water moon guy. Help a girl our. He’s shy, cute, bit awkward, respectful, gentleman (i love all these qualities). Any tips? Experiences with a man like
Libra man HELP!!!
So my bf of 5 months (we broken up at the moment) is a libra and he’s been acting so weird it has be confused a lot lately. We lived together until we decided to have a break because we quite fought a lot lately but we solved it before I left for a trip a
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Hi, First time posting on this platform and I really need advice. I need all Libra man commenting please. I am a libra and I was dating a guy that have the same birthday as me (one day after). Crazy because I thought we would be compatible but it's the
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Hi all, It’s been a while so this guy I stopped talking to years ago, he just recently reappeared into my life and I’m needing some type of closure. I’ve known him for 4 years nothing ever transpired sexually until Sunday, he came to pick me up and we st
I can't deal with fixed signs
Any other libra like this? I refuse to enter in contact with those motherfckers lol
Update on Virgos:
Date one but judge them before you are in a relationship with one, Because some of them are not capable of love and are just shady, it is what it is. Not hating. Dating one that's not capable of love? You will have to teach them about love , basicuhlly m
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Hi guys and girls 😁 So if you're a Libra or you're with a Libra, I would like to hear your stories and experiences if you care to share. When you're in a relationship and you're ready to either get married, move in together, or both. Or either. When di
Date a Crab.
Thats all. Crabs and libras are the best. If you know you know. This is an appreciation thread now