How was your Mercury Retrograde (Sept - October 2022)?

By ATGRSeptember 29, 2022 2:39pm — 60 replies
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This June’s Mercury Retrograde Won’t Be As Difficult As Usual-👍
heres to some good news three or four times a year we all go through the infamous mercury retrograde a retrograde occurs when the planet appears to travel backward in the sky and in roman mythology mercury is the messenger of the gods our cosmic
Lucid Dreaming during retrograde.
literally every night i am a cancer but damn i never dream this much let alone lucid lucid dreaming is nothing new to me at all but never this consistently could it be all this pisces energy
Omg halp!!!
i just found out i was born under mercury retrograde how do i escape so i can live a decent life please
breaking up during metcury retrograde
i had a fight with my fianc two days ago and now he is not answering my calls or texts is it because of mercury retrograde will we ever be back together
Merc ret is best for 4 signs
gem scorp vir sag however it says gems will be in limbo because current flame will ghost wtf
First day of the retrograde...
and alreadybtwonpeople from my past have messaged me obvs not the ones i want smh
How does Mercury Retrograde affect someone who already has natal mercury in retrograde?
i have mercury in aquarius retrograde in the 4th house was wondering if the redirected energy would be negated or intensified also have sun moon in aquarius in the same house thanks
Post-Mercury Retrograde aka Retroshade
how did all my fellow leos weather this recent mercury retrograde march 22nd - april 15th a friend of mine this morning was like well the next week or two were in retroshade my friend defines retroshade as wrapping up and resolving any miscommun
Mercury retrograde wtf
this mercury retrograde is way too intense in aries season how are y all handling it do a lot of partners cheat during it
Mercury Retrograde
you know how astrologers say not to sign contracts etc etc during mercury retrograde does that also apply to the pre and post shadow periods too