Narcissism and the signs

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    male from female
    Leos are vain, but mostly when young. Judgmental? Not at all, and that usually leads to problems because they are too trusting.

    I would like to reiterate QS, Libras can be very vain, and Capricorns as well. Appearances must be kept at all costs...
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    I posted before explaining our past and a lot of you helped out very kindly, where I’m at now with this libra women from our break up and me trying to get her back is; we came back for a month she pushed away because she felt she was backed into a wall an
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    When Libras get caught cheating on their significant other, why do they keep doing it? Libra male got caught cheating on wife and then sneakily keeps doing it knowing he could lose entire family. Not sure if it means they want their mate to leave so they