34 years old male from Arizona
Queen good point. We Libras can be vain, and confident and chickeny sometimes, but with every libra I know....we can back up the stuff we talk, or the boasting we may do. Like for example if I brag in jest about something, chances are though i am bragging I can back it up % 100. Libras and air signs in general seem to have a lot of natural talent and we are fast learners. If we are going to decide to learn martial arts we will get good at it at a rapid pace, or music or whatever, we just seem to have that nack.

I have been called narcissistic once or twice, but I just looked at the one accusing me of such behavior and asked if it was narcissistic if I could realistically pull it off....that kind of thing.

It is the same thing with scopio women, if they are bragging about something, or threatening or sure they can/will...because they are.

FD....Gemini's in general seem to be unrealistic with themselves regarding what they are capable of, what they have accomplished and tend to have pathological personalities. If there is one sign of all whom I know several pathological liars it's gemini...Leo being a close second. Both only with the males. They also like to come on strong...then whilt a little if someone steps up to the challenge and tend to try to manipulate situations when they get in over their head. ALL air signs are like this to some capacity, but it seems to be Gemini most, followed by Libra and least Aquarius. I don't think I have ever met an Aqua you could call narcissistic, a lot of the Libras may be but do it in a way that is hard to call them on and Gems just are.

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