Do all cap men tend to ghost on their crushes?

  • WarAngel1
    The man, the legend.
    38 years old male from San Antonio, TX, USA
    Posted by ConsiderableMyth
    Super long distance "relationship". Not really - mostly just talking and trying to get to know each other. which is difficult in and of itself since cap men are awkward over text. he's ghosted a couple times before and i let it be known i didn't appreciate it. he says he's got a lot on his mind with work, which i actually sort of believe except he's on instagram all the time.

    im not the type that gets antisocial when work is occupying my mind, but that doesn't mean no one is.

    why do y'all ghost on people? i dont get it. i always thought it was bad manners to just stop all communication without at least saying something about it.

    what's his deal?

    The women do it too!
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