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    I don’t think I’ve ever met a guy with my opposite sign, Gemini. I did have a bestie for a really long time though. I think I get along best with my trine Leo, Sag, Aries. Okay not sure about Sag..it never seems to work out. But Aries - 1 long term marriage & Leo - ummmm 1 huge freaking connection.

    Have dated earth signs, Virgo was better than Cap it turns out. Married to Pisces and normal life was hell,, but if we could’ve been on vacation forever we would’ve been golden.

    Think I should stick with fire signs!!
    Youre like me! Im stuck with my trine. It just felt the most natural environment for me.

    Yep lol!! Well I’m dominant Cap & have a couple Virgo planets too. Earth signs make me feel grounded but well they seem to have a bit of trouble with me & trying to settle me down lol.. fire signs understand me better.

    Wahahahaha that sag energy! Lol actually reason why i havent been in an rs with a sag is because they are too playful i dunno when to take them seriously 😂 the men are like all fun and games lol i am cap dominant too. I attract earth but i didnt have that much attraction to them Sad its just always been air for me. I never had to explain my actions to a fellow air sign. Its like they get me.

    Laughing Well I love the fun..but they can be serious too. I was married to an Aries for 17 years Big Grin and Leo’s ❤️❤️ Well only Sag’s they just get too excited sexually and then I don’t trust them. Which is really too bad cuz I get along with them well.

    The Virgo was great until he wanted me to not have a career and stay home with babies. Ahhh I’m too independent. ( yes we were planning on getting married) but the Aries was supportive of my career & help me balance it all with kids. Leo’s that I’ve dated have been a great support too smile So hell ya let’s have fun too! Big Grin haha
    Thats one thing I cant let go! The fun. Lol thats why earth sgns have been a no no for me. Theyre not bad people but i just felt like i cant be myself around them coz i gotta be a certain way. So def fire signs for you then!!! 😁

    Cap was great until he got insecure and then he ended up pretty miserable & it just dragged me down. He wouldn’t respond to my optimistic & hopeful attitude ugh.. Virgo wasn’t as bad but I guess similar when it came to figuring out a life together. So guess that tells me something. I should understand air.. I do have an aqua moon & Saturn but idk. Shouldn’t air fan fire’s flames?

    you gotta be with a fiery/airy capricorn.

    my best friend in high school is a cap sun, and i didnt even know astrology back then, true story. And i wondered why is she so light and airy compared to other capricorns? I did her chart, she's Cap sun, late december, pisces moon aqua venus/aqua mars conjunct.

    the Fire/Air lightens up the sun earth..... when you have fire or air moon or air/fire dominant.

    like David Bowie, Rod Stewart, ect who married and have married Fire and Air suns.

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    you can even feel the lightness of their energy. they are normally super heavy too.

    the heaviness is awful for a Fire sun and Air sun. it just does NOT compute.

    and the earth/water suns love the lightness of the air/fire too because it doesn't bring their energy down

    I do very well with water moons smile yeah the heaviness is really hard with a Cap. We understand each other in a lot of ways & worked well together but... I really do need a more positive person or one that can work through problems in a more optimistic way anyway. Two marriages plus this last one are all earth moons.. yep not good for me. Two relationships with a water moon = much safer place

    capricorn moon is very heavy too....leave them to the earth and water suns. lol i'm serious.

    i know cap moons in my family...and jesus god. love my family members much, but i get it now since astrology.
    moon signs dont mean butter to be honest. I mean famous celebrities who had fantastic marriages have non- compatible suns and moons...it's the aspects.. (i also was with a cap moon but he had aries stellium aqua sun aqua mars.) i dont count him cause...psycho. lol

    and yes the elements. very very important.

    oh my capricorn girlfriend has a fire mercury so that helps alot. lol

    my husband is also fire mercury. i was with a virgo moon, my ex and although we got on famously, very compatible to be honest, but his views on love/ didnt match.

    he had aries mercury. i love fire mercuries. lol
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    Yeah marriages to a Cap moon & a Taurus moonLaughing. I met another Cap yesterday & he told me he had a Taurus moon.. I was like holy cow lol
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