Worst moon to have

  • lisabethur8
    Married, middleaged parttime housewife, Aqua-sun/Cap/Pisces/Taurus,married to,S
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    I've dated 2 leo moons that i am aware of, and i really them. They talk lots and that's one of the things i like about them.

    @wittygem88 your moon isn't your problem. It's that you're being defensive and agressive. Instead of telling someone they upset or hurt you, you act out against them like you're doing with Seleukos now. And when i confronted you the other day, you went on and on about everything that's bad about me.. hijacking threads, attention seeking, dramatic, thinking everything is about me and even within my own topic last week you did the same.. as though even my topics can't be about me either. I'm totally cool with you saying that stuff, but you were doing it over the course of a week or so and in a really passive agressive way. I didn't respond with personal attacks or pick at all your flaws, because i don't care if you make 10 topics a day and feel like everything is about you or talk about yourself non stop. That's just who you are and I'm cool with that. I'm just not cool with the part where you act like you're in competition with me or point at things in me without fixing them in yourself first. Before responding, think about this, when you point your finger at someome, there are 3 fingers pointed back at you.

    Are you sure it's the competition part you don't like about her?

    I don't even not like her. She's funny and entertaining when she's not being like this

    I know. The same applies to me.
    That's why I'm curious if it is this specific aspect you don't like about her or if it is something else.

    dude you dont feel like fire moon and fire mars. i think cause your libra rising aqua sun cap stellium is too strong. lol

    What do you mean?

    you dont have the "oomph" energy ... that zest ...

    maybe cause your libra rising MC cancer, cap stellium aqua sun energy. it stamps down the fire.

    also i dont know your houses/dominant energies. so that might be it. lol

    No, I just control that fire for the most time.
    + Moon-Mars people take a long time before they erupt.
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    like i said, capricorn stellium, aqua sun, libra rising mc cancer. TongueLaughing
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