Do Virgo men get jealous if they like you?

So heres the deal,
I started seeing this virgo. We agreed to keep it light and see what happens. I ended up becoming pretty cool with his friend. I'm just a guys girl (in a good way). But one of his other friends hit on me and it made me uncomfortable...and I told him that. He told me not to worry about it. Then his other friend (the one I am cool with) invites me to a party...but he said my virgo wouldnt be there. I told him I didn't know If I would come (mostly because I would feel weird going without my virgo being there)....

So heres where it gets kinda strange:
I text my virgo and asked him why he wasn't going to the party and he gave me some lame excuses. He kept saying...You should should go you will have fun. Almost as though he kept pushing it to see what I'd do. I told him I didn't want to go if he wasn't going to be there. And that I didn't want any of his friends hitting on me. Then he kind of flips out and says ...Well you're single right!? so why can't they hit on u?. I was pissed he even said that and told him I would obviously not appreciate advances from his friends just like I hope he would rebuff any advances from mine (god forbit the situation ever arose) and I told him it was because I have respect for him at least. I think he kind of felt stupid after that but he was acting really jealous and said, why would you even be around my friends? why do you even talk to them???? and its odd to me considering HE was the one pushing me to go to the party. He was acting strange...

So finally. I just said to him that "I'm going to the party I dont know why you are acting strange toward me but you can trust me and you need to relax"
and I left him alone.

SO what the HELL?? can someone help me?

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