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    51 years old male from The South Siiide!!, See above^^^
    I think over 290 post to this thread says it all. ((Snickering)) Thanks Mr. Nice for continuing to prove my point. You are truly a champion for Gems all over the world!!! ((Still Snickering))

    But to the serious posts. People are jealous of us. We are the shapeshifting, free-spirited, forever young, don't care what you think if you're an idiot, can't b.s. us, quick-minded martyrs that we are. You'd be jealous too. We are not slaves to a certain thing like most are. If you were locked up in a prison and had to witness people being free. Wouldn't you be jealous?

    At first I didn't buy into jealousy of Gemini's. But, after experiencing DXPNET. I have had a change of view. Yes, definite jealousy. There, I said it. Now deal with it. Winking

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