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"I can't stand geminis, they always think everyone is jealous them lol. This sign is the most jealous sign in the zodica, you aint got nothing to be jealous. The reason why the thicko's geminis don't understand why people cant stand them is because there so up there own arse they dont realize, think there better than everyone else, sorry but your not. Advice for gemini thicko's, you need to listen more, and when your wrong don't sulk like a baby grow up. Geminis are like little children they never grow up. "

Harsh. You must have met some Geminis with some strong Taurus/Aries/Scorpio aspects or -something- to think they don't care much for your opinions. I just wonder what your opinions of them were; probably negative. If so I wouldn't be wondering why that is. They were probably not very valuable opinions if you just go ahead and say they've got -nothing- to be jealous about. Jealous people are petty people. They could be jealous about ANY positive trait.

"Maybe what the question should be is why do Gemini's think folk are jealous of them. Incidently, I have three sisters (Cancer, Pisces & Gemini, and I'm a Leo) and it's so odd how we all get along fine, except we can't stand the Gemini sister. Jealousy has nothing to do with it."

Also harsh. People tend not to be able to stand those they're jealous of, and hate them. I don't see how that proves the ridiculous behavior of Geminis, only that you're trying to intimidate Geminis by grabbing at your standard person's need for acceptance.
However much people like to hate on others all the sings have their positive and negative aspects, and those aspects themselves can be negative or positive depending on which person is observing them. But people just like to ignore the positive traits of say, Leo and just bash them. People also like to go off on a sign depending on their very limited experience with someone who they think was this/that sign. That's not some very accurate methods of observation, and not doing very much to solve people's negative astrological attitudes.
I am sorry for the way your sister went off on you, but if you are not jealous or hurt I don't know why you would be so offended. Maybe she finds herself in a similar situation. Pressured by criticism and trying to make you proud, and frustrated when she thought you hadn't even noticed/acknowledged her efforts.

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