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Um... thanks if you meant it?

Not the dynamic mind in general, but the Gemini who flits so quickly without delving deeply. Who has fickle nature and the attention span, probably of a nut. I do remember something about a lot of Geminis having A.D.D. ... All signs have their problems, come on. That's what we're here for, to work on them. Strengthen our strengths, weaken our weaknesses. I'm sure in some extraordinary reality you will you have souls already going about being the exemplary expression of each sign. Now of course there is geniuses in this reality nicely enough, and they have to be born under some time. But even they have faults. Stereotypically, absent mindedness comes to mind... perhaps being a workaholic, or never just relaxing and enjoying life. Maybe never getting out much and worrying too much about the troubles of the world - they are a gift to the world nonetheless...

I didn't say it was absolutely necessary, of course. I just said it is highly indicative of an unstable nature. Geminis are not 'necessarily' unstable but they are often unstable anyway, aren't they? A Gemini tends to be scattered and that I would say is unstable, yes. Your typical Gemini tends to be flexible/scattered nature, your advanced Gemini works on it or tries to keep it under control.
I think all the signs are equal. Yes even if I may/may not be a Gemini or have a lot of it in me. To say Gemini is stable -- (if you're not, then... Well unless you're just pointing something out) -- and has many talents plus the careless go-for-it attitude without the negative too-careless or without the negative side of any of their attributes AND all the other stuff I would think put Gemini at the top. It would be like saying the Gemini is seriously the best. Why should one sign be the best? Western astrology is not Eastern astrology. It does not pick one and revere it above all other signs. There is no 'dragon' in the Westernized Zodiac - well, unless somebody took it out along the way...

I've already explained the jealousy thing. Of course I'm not going to explain it again, but basically people can get easily hurt when they are afraid to do things and others do do them, you know. Or... don't you? I don't know.

Anyway that's all I want to say on the matter right now, good graces to you.

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