female from New Jersey, USA
Sun - Sagittarius Ascendant - Sagittarius Moon - Aquarius Mercury - Sa
omg knock it off

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I love giving cuddles to people and making them feel safe and misunderstood. I also weirdly like to pinch people's nose like they're children. LOL. I've been told before that my placements don't describe an affectionate person but I am super affectionate.
Thoughts on this chart...? Sun in Taurus 25° 23' 22" Mercury in Taurus 0° 24' 34" Venus in Taurus 17° 03' 54" Mars in Scorpio 19° 08' 36" Rx Jupiter in Capricorn 12° 32' 53" Rx Saturn in Scorpio 12° 08' 00" Rx Uranus in Sagittarius 12°
I want to see how they correlate with eachother (: Im an INFP. Pisces Sun/Aquarius Moon