How do Capricorn react when they are jealous?

46 years old female from NY
"Im Crazy, Sexy, and Cool!!! Im a single attractive woman who has been single f
I never had sex with him right away. Your miss interrupting what I mean by cold. I made the road rocky by acting ridiculous, when all he wanted was a little space for 2 days. Besides, that he treats me fine, plus he respect me. He just don't show to much emotions outside of the bedroom. He seem like he afraid to show emotions, thats what I mean by cold. I think I freak out on him when he was showing emotions and he's very cautious to let me know how he feel. I don't need a hug, I love myself more than I will ever love any man! Thanks for you reply! Keep in touch!

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and whats your main dominant placements? and why did you do them?
I am a Pisces woman dealing with a Leo man since March 2017. We met on facebook, I was going through break up with my Libra ex, we found each other interesting to be friends and started talking. Though we were connected since 2014 and talking for the firs