How do Capricorn react when they are jealous?

46 years old female from NY
"Im Crazy, Sexy, and Cool!!! Im a single attractive woman who has been single f
I never had sex with him right away. Your miss interrupting what I mean by cold. I made the road rocky by acting ridiculous, when all he wanted was a little space for 2 days. Besides, that he treats me fine, plus he respect me. He just don't show to much emotions outside of the bedroom. He seem like he afraid to show emotions, thats what I mean by cold. I think I freak out on him when he was showing emotions and he's very cautious to let me know how he feel. I don't need a hug, I love myself more than I will ever love any man! Thanks for you reply! Keep in touch!

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No I don’t think this. But was listening to a radio station this morning that talked about Hollywood news stating that The Chainsmoker’s Alex Pall (Taurus sun) cheated on his gf (I think a Cancer sun). She caught him on video after he swore up and dow
I have a stupid Venus in Virgo and I don't like it. Below is the main butter bit, that I hate. There's a link if you're interested in reading your own and finding your butter bit, that you wish you could change. "they show they care by nagging or criticizi
“If you come to someone for advice, do you want truthful or hopeful insight?