How do Capricorn react when they are jealous?

27 years old female
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Your cap kind of reminds me of a cap I was dealing with. We were seeing each other for a few months, not necessarily dating, but we weren't necessarily just friends either, and while we seemed to get closer, the cap would become more and more persistent about having sex. I kept telling him no even though we would closer to it because I felt off about him in the long run. Every time I'd ask him if we could get together, even just casually, he'd always tell me that he wasn't sure, or that he was busy. However, he'd tell me sometime later that we needed to hang out or he'd ask me a week later if I wanted to see him. I thought nothing of this until after I was done with him. Sometime in between all this, when the cap started to become more distant than usual, I found out that he was seeing another girl besides me. Since we weren't dating, it wasn't like he was allowed, but he kept coming back to me. It really hit a nerve when I tried to give the cap a gift for his birthday and new years, but every time I tried to ask him if I could see him so I could bring his gift, he'd tell me he was busy. Although, I knew it was because he was seeing this girl; he didn't know I knew about her, and she didn't know I knew about them. Eventually the cap stopped speaking to me until about a month later when he texted me about of the blue, asking me to come and see him and if I wanted to have sex with him. It was confirmed right there that I wasn't much to him besides a booty call, and he asked even while still seeing the same girl I mentioned above.

I've seen some of your posts before, and I think you need to let this cap go or at least put him in a place where he's not a huge factor in your life. If you are aware of what you are to him, then by all means, continue what you are doing, but from what I see, you're quite hung up on him. You're allowed to have a friend with you because he has his own girl to worry about. I hope you've already stopped having sex with him.

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