Best and worst zodiac sign to date?

from USA
Best: Pisces - Comfort easy going

Worst: Virgo - Anything you can think of we have argued about endlessly

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A place for geminis to hang. Post Gemini thingz - photos, GIFS, music, poems, videos, random questions or streams of consciousness, or just any thoughts that pop into your mind that don’t have any other home on this board. I know there’s a lot going on in
I just wanted to leave it here as my memento, when I found my soulmate. No more Virgo man/ Libra man BS lol *shivers* My Gemini man is hot as hell too. We were distant at the beginning, almost avoiding each other, but the emotions were boili
i am a gemini woman and the man i love is a gemini sun,taurus moon and venus in gemini. I feel so in tune with him and him too.he is not a flirt and the thing is that he doesnt express his thoughts or feelings to me or anyone despite his mercury in gemin