Do leo women get jealous of other women?

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mine wouldnt have been 3rd wheeling. but nope she writes "oh yeah, you could come if you wanted but i have had a really bad tooth ache the whole time so im going to stay inside the whole time" which is a clear indication she didnt want me to come. lol so i ended up going in the end, and what do you know? her tooth appeared fine and she was out and about the entire time lol. the other night we went to an oyster bar and ordered oysters and nibbles. she refused to order anything cause "she wasnt hungry" even though she didnt have tea. so it was just the boys and me eating and her boyfriend went over to her and hugged her and literally treated her like she was 5 and being like "do you want ANYTHING at all babe?" and started suggesting things off the menu.. and she was like "no ill get fat" :/ PA-LEAAAAAAASE! seriously, i can not stand girls like this. JUST EAT! no one is judging you. heres me, eating all my food plus my boyfriends food hahaha. anyway, like i said her boyfriend gives her alot of love and clearly loves her so much. i love my boyfriend to death which is clear to everyone aswell. all i can sense is pure jealousy from her.

my question is, are leo girls jealous of other girls? it's not just to me.. she appears to not have many friends that are girls.. or doesnt like girls that much? its weird..

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Tooooo Funny!!!!

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