Do leo women get jealous of other women?

  • scorpio24
    """She was the kind of girl who searched for the things that could never be fou
    27 years old female
    Posted by xdimplez
    Now that I actually took the time to read all that,

    I have to ask... Why would she be jealous of you? .

    im not 100% sure, i could be completely wrong, maybe she isnt jealous at all. but you know how sometimes you just get that really strong sense that someone either doesnt like you or is jealous of you?

    i would feel like getting my claws out too if another girl came near my guy lol so for that exact reason i hardly even talk to her boyfriend (not in a rude way) but i just keep my distance so that she doesnt feel like getting her claws out.

    there has been a few times where us 4 were getting ready to go somewhere and i was showered, dressed and ready in under 15 minutes and shes still in front of the mirror making sure her hair extentions are perfectly curled and changing her outfit 20 times and coming out to the lounge room where us 3 are waiting for her and asking for opionons when really no one cares and we tell her she looks great in anything lol. just little things like that and by the end the boys were getting frustrated, and none of us can work out why she is taking an hour and half to get ready for dinner in a casual pub. and they would jokingly be like "nat got ready in 15 minutes" and then she would panic and be like "but, but, she didnt wash her hair, i had to wash my hair!!" haha.
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