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My exes birthday is 8/20..he's very much a Leo but has some Virgo traits as well.. Very outgoing, always smiling, loves to joke, very loyal to his family & close friends, sticks up for the underdog, he has a big ego but not in an overly arrogant way (at least not to me), into fitness & in shape..very intelligent.. Has a nerdy gamer side, loves superheroes , movie buff... He's not into blubbering, overly emotional girls. That will send him running for the hills...He will listen & be there for u if you're upset over something , just can't be an occurrence that happens a lot ..an overall good guy.. Although he can be very picky with what women he commits to which is rare. He has been more single & dating than taken over the years

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Looking for a Leo/Virgo cusp man, with a Scorp. Moon, and a fire Asc.! I've never met one and I've always wondered if we would get along as well as I think we would. Sagg. Asc. is preferable, and a Virgo lean on the Sun cusp would be twice as nice. Si
m Leo-Virgo cusp woman. Idk Im a virgo or a leo coz some blog said 23 august is Leo and some a virgo. So I dated a Leo man. He's really romantic at first. he take me to watch his favorite movies, take me to dinners.Bring me some of food when Im sick. Call
I have met this Taurus-Gem guy on a dating site.He knows that I am still waiting for my residency documents to properly divorce my husband who is a substance abuser and into escorts.I have been dating him for almost 6months now.No " I love yous," just "I