Taurus Sun/Rising - Cap Moon - Aries Venus/Mercury - Pisces Mars
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Posted by RemixGeneralFishy
Aries in Venus here and I still ain't got no clue what you're yapping on about, doll.

Are u intense or have problems with relationships?

Intense don't cut it, I'm on fire

Problems with the relationships themselves, no, but I am a gay man madly in love with a straight guy who will never reciprocate and.........I don't like things being too easy in the beginning, I like a challenge. Which is probably why I go for the tougher nuts to crack. I like to win people over with solid effort instead of having them fall at my feet from the get go. Virgos usually fit that bill, they always give me a run for my money.

Then again I'm also Aries Mercury & Mars & Lilith.
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lol - sorry, just noticed you are an Aries Venus and Mercury too ... we have quite different other placements however but it's nice to know who we talk to !

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