Pisces girl needs advice on scorp man

Taurus Sun; Scorpio Moon; Sag Rising; Gemini Mercury; Taurus Venus; Cancer Mars
Maybe I'm miss reading but it sounds like you were hoping and assuming a lot and all he promised was that one day and then he apologized for that day because that's all he ever promised. Or am I missing something?

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I’m high school I wiz chubby but years down the road I trimmed down like a super model. My Pisces friend was pretty in high skool. Her milk shake brought all the boys in the yard. Do Pisces woman start petite den get fat all of a sudden ? Is it from
The Pisces came back to me last week. We then bumped into each other at the same club on Wed and I was with someone else. She was really upset and jealous and became territorial. She left the place and was texting me on her way home (I smashed my phone by