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I know you're happy, Don.

there's so much goodness out there.

we do, we have food, a warm home, heater works, and roof over our heads.

what are maslow hierarchy of needs...

we have all the basic foundations. 27s_hierarchy_of_needs#/media/File:MaslowsHierarchyOfNeeds.svg

I know the answer.

The answer is you need to find someone you love that loves you back.

It's so clichéd but honestly I got over everything that I thought made me happy. Hookups. Sick lofts. Sick furniture. Wardrobe. Cars etc. Friends admiration. Praise and promotion professionally. Im trading it all in without a second thought for the one I love.

It's like a bloom internally. I can't even explain it. I have a glow now and am looking younger. I'm laughing nonstop on the daily. It's biuriful.

Why come life is so good brah why?

They lied to you people. They lied about everything. The truth is simple. U must find the one u love that loves you back. From that moment on u will have the motivation to be your best self.

Ayyyyyyy yoooooooooooooooo

I never thought im ever going to agree or like something that came out of you but i publicly have to state that i was wrong and like 100% of the content of the quoted comment. You can save my comment and cite it whenever i tell you how limited you are in future.

However, i dont think loving another is the exclusive foundation of being truly happy. for being truly happy, i think one must first start loving himself and get rid of all inner conflicts he has. Then you can really love another and be comfortable with being loved and in relationship. I think both conditions are cumulative. In the end the answer of being happy is love tho ^^ its a dynamic process
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I can't really agree with love yourself first.

Some people never love themselves. Look at this board.

How long do you think it will take someone to get over their own insecurities before they can love someone else? That's the thing. Maybe a life time. I have a friend that wasted years of his life because before he wanted to put himself out on the dating market he wants to lose 30 lbs. The weight loss never happened. He's 39 now at 300 lbs and haven't been on a date in forever

Those are all roadblocks that the media put up for you. You have to find yourself first. You have to love yourself first. You have to be happy with your career first. Let me stop you right there


Today is the youngest you will be again. Time is of the essence.

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