Serial Killers and Astrology Analysis

Not serial killers but with less than 1 degree orb (conjunction) there are:

Ruhollah Khomeyni, Trent Reznor (Nine Inch Nails), Megan Fox, Janet Jackson = Algol conjunct Sun
Jackson Pollock, Pier Paolo Pasolini, Peter Sellers, Carrie Fisher = Algol conjunct Moon
David Beckham, Johnny Depp (+Venus) = Algol conjunct Mercury
Sid Vicious, Prince William = Algol conjunct Venus
Salvador Dalì, Osama Bin Laden, Robert De Niro, Tom Cruise = Algol conjunct Mars
Keanu Reeves = Algol conjunct Jupiter
Art Garfunkel = Algol conjunct Saturn/Uranus
John Lennon, Bob Dylan, Muhammad Alì, Lou Reed (+Mars) = Algol conjunct Uranus
Diego Rivera (Frida Khalo's husband) = Algol conjunct Neptune
Joseph Stalin, Leon Trotsky, Paul Klee (+ Lilith) = Algol conjunct Pluto
Wilt Chamberlain, Bryan Wilson (The Beach Boys) = Algol conjunct Ascendant
Marlene Dietrich, Woody Allen, Uma Thurman, Frida Khalo, Henry Ford = Algol conjunct MC
Brian Jones = Algol conjunct Mars/Uranus/Lilith
Stephen King, Janet Jackson = Algol conjunct NN
Adolf Hitler = Algol conjunct Vertex

between 1 and 2:

Brian Eno = Algol conjunct Sun
Saddam Hussein, Sigmund Freud = Algol conjunct Mercury
Leonardo da Vinci, Lady D = Algol conjunct Venus
Jean-Paul Sartre = Algol conjunct Jupiter
Pablo Picasso = Algol is Jupiter/Pluto midpoint
Bela Lugosi = Algol is Saturn/Pluto midpoint
Ezra Pound = Algol conjunct Neptune
Albert Einstein = Algol conjunct Pluto
Donald Trump = Algol conjunct MC
Micheal Phelps = Algol conjunct Lilith
Hilary Clinton = Algol conjunct NN


Eric Burdon (leader of The Animals) = Algol conjunct Mercury/Venus/Jupiter/Uranus + Sun/Saturn not too far

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