Gemini sun, Capricorn moon
All good, solid advice about my question - I realized that things are going to slow down at work soon, so for now I have decided to bite my tongue on it, although yesterday he was over there just chatting so often that I had to interrupt them 3 times to ask work-related questions.

I have decided that by confronting her, it will likely start drama and I would rather have them be annoying to me in their own way than creating a hostile work environment. Women are drama and I don't like to deal with it. He is included in the "women" because I had rarely witnessed a man behave this way, he would probably be dramatic about it because of course she'd tell him

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So this is weird but I've been talking to this guy and I found out he has the same birthday as my sister. Then I saw his sister post something on facebook and I looked at her profile and she has the same birthday as my other sister. How weird is that! Wha