Why is this scorpio so afraid of love?

43 years old female
" http://youtu.be/25-JZp0CqsY"
It's called gas lighting

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I'm just here to tell you guys how much I can't deal with being a Scorpio sometimes because I just can't help it. I have this Cancer guy. Met him almost a month ago. Just this past week we went out (not the first time) and his friends came. A few things h
Hi everyone.... So I’m with a Scorpio. It’s obvious he likes me and these are the signs below: He’s helpful Calls me his angel Spoke to his mum about me Told me things he’s never told people- so really opened up. He’s comfortable around me He
It's been months! Now 6 months and still nothing. He expressed interest and once i reciprocated he suggested we default to friendship. We both got out of relationships at the time. He would constantly text, that has now died out he would only text to work