Why is this scorpio so afraid of love?

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It's called gas lighting

I know what gas lighting is. But that's done malignant and by not so Nice people.

He wasnt like that. His parents noticed a change in him the last years, just as his friends. He's an open, considerate, sensitive person. Always puts others first.

You don't just wake up one day and become a narcississt. Labels for people are granted so freely. Sigh

I was just confused an hour ago. Not once before did I blame myself nor did he. Just now he said this, never before. He would beat himself up for weeks for acting stupid. He fought it on lots of occassions as well. Narcississts wouldn't do that...ever. I have worked with malignant narcississts and studied them. I would know

Always take the advice here with a grain of salt. You just happened to post about Scorpios around the same time as several other people, and I think you got a reactionary response at least partly because of that.
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I know ? today is better as I said it would be. Was just upset last night, and then I get a bit defensive. It's the Aries way ?

Not sad or confused this morning, just mad. But keeping it in so I don't do anything stupid. Know yourself ?

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