Is Ignoring an Aries the most feasible solution?

Posted by krimsinandklover
Posted by Iridessaries
NEVER ignore an Aries!!!!
This will drive us insane. Sometimes it will make us act crazy too ?

Very true. NEVER ignore an Aries. We absolutely hate it.
I can't speak for other Aries, but I don't ignore someone unless I am busy and have forgotten to get back to them. It takes a lot for me to actually mean to ignore someone; like if they have persistently annoyed me, or I'm just done with them all together.
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Yeah same here, I like to think of myself as a mirror, so if a person ignores me long enough. I will just stop talking to them. Same treatment. What is good for the goose is good for the gander. So ignoring will not work in the OP's favor most likely, better to be straight.

This virgo has ignored me for 3 weeks. Normally I wouldn't have tolerated it for that long, tried really hard to understand her excuse for doing so, but I gotta take care of myself. I just deleted her. Cause honestly not good for my mental health, Normally I don't delete people from facebook (3rd person I have ever deleted) I told her that and left. Ignoring confuses the hell out of us because we may have thought you liked us, and now we think you don't. Makes us go insane emotionally and mentally. For me anyway I can't function at all. Can't work/sleep or eat. Almost like depression except I can be happy still haha. Our emotions as Aries can flip on a dime so in 24 hour period under these conditions we can go from happy/sad/angry 75 times in a day. That's what ignoring will do to me anyway.

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