Why is this scorpio so afraid of love?

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Why is he allowed to be emotional, have temper tantrums and disappear but you can't even attempt to do anything less than serve him your undying love and devotion? I just don't get it. How can you give so much of yourself to someone undeserving of it? Don't you think deep dowm you deserve more? I also, think too many people put way too much emphasis on a person being a scorpio as an excuse for them to treat them like crap because they think it is cute and mysterious. Oh please, he is just a s hitty boyfriend who needs therapy not a woman at this time.

He doesn't ask me to do these things, I just do. I used to take care of exes for sure, but never like this. Even pourring him coffee made me happy. He never asked, was mostly shocked that someone cared so much. I made him pancakes one morning, no reason. He cried bc no one had ever done that for him before. He took a picture and posted it on fb, saying it was the first time ever he felt real love.
He just couldnt handle it. And I love him to my very core. How do you walk away when you feel that? I don't mind doing what I do, I feel for him bc he runs every time he let's me in just to close up again
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This behavior sounds co dependent and mother/son like. He is a grown man he does not need to be coddled. Just doesn't seem healthy.

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