Is this typical Virgo man behaviour?

  • I've been dating a Virgo for almost a year. he is affectionate for days and then distant for days.

    I sense behind his large amount of confidence he is extremely insecure, he's been hurt by a previous relationship and went on a rampage sleeping with other women, but he's been very open about his past and all of his intentions with me.

    Right now he's been ignoring me for a few days. I know he'll be back soon but it is quite annoying. I feel that whenever we catch up it's in his terms when he's not too tired, when he feels like socialising and feels ready. I myself am strong-minded and stubborn and so sometimes this doesn't sit well with me.

    He's completely work-focused and so if he's stressed or busy I won't hear from him. I'm afraid he lacks the emotional depth I'm looking for, being a Scorpio. But in saying that, I enjoy space also, I enjoy being independent, we have much in common and the conversations, friendship, sex and everything are great. I just struggle to trust him with his tendency to show signs of insecurities. I'm afraid of getting hurt, I suppose.

    My loyalty and commitment to him scares me because I worry that maybe it doesn't go both ways, although recently he's told me he's fully committed to me. He talks to his friends about me often and has done many little, thoughtful things. Took me as a date to his important work event where I met clients, the opposition, etc and so impression is massive - showed me he thinks highly of me. Whenever confronted about anything he's been very, at times even brutually, honest with me. I appreciate this because when I talk to him he really let's me know where I stand. Being a Scorpio I have a very suspicious nature but in saying that I think my reasons are valid considering the circumstances.

    Virgos, and women who know them.
    Can I trust a Virgo man?
    Does it just take time, I understand he is slow moving but am I just wasting it?
    Are virgos prone to cheating?
    Should I just trust all that he says to me?
    What kind of woman is right for a Virgo man?
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