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    I wish my venus was in Aquarius or Scorpio, I got stuck with venus in Virgo.


    People want to save us with our failed Venus.


    Virgo venus speaks of love language Act of Service.

    Libra venus speaks of Word of Affirmations.

    Scorpio venus? Well.. Now that! Is ... a kind that needs .... you surely know what is. Hehehe..

    But, back to yours, why do you think ppl want to save you with your venus, Tiz?
    Is there something deep beneath the surface?

    I mean, I heard from someone with virgo venus that he did A LOT for his ex. You should take credit for yourself? Don't virgo loves the appreciation? Or ..?
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    I think with Virgo Venus what you see is what you get, it's a Venus that doesn't receive or give energy well to others planets. It mostly works by itself. Virgo Venus may have its own language of service, like you say, but that it won't translate that language well to any other planet.

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