HELP me understand the Virgo man?

  • This ones a very complex situation...

    We get along well and have been dating for a year. Many similarities, many differences. Unfortunately the main difference between us is the emotional depth I'm wanting that he can't seem to give me. I'm a Scorpio.

    We are quite devoted to each other, both ambitious, both interested in a range of things. But he is "hot and cold" and so stuck in his own ways that sometimes I feel like I'm talking to a brick wall. Things for him have to be his way or not at all. When I've had a legitimate issue that I've communicated with him he's made an issue to change, but in general I just feel nothing I say matters. He has expressed deep emotions from me from time to time but he is just so moody. If he's stressed about work or life stressors, he disappears for a while. Always returns with an apology but it's only me he seems to distance himself from. My friends have even said if they were dating him they wouldn't be able to handle it - I guess I've just always pushed myself and believed I am strong enough. He's a very genuine, good and honest guy.

    Sometimes things are perfect between us. The communication, the sex, the affection. But I don't feel like we have the best-friend factor yet that makes a relationship truly work. We are both introverted and I can be over emotional. I feel that he will never change and either I can accept him for who he is or walk away. But I change my mind so often and can't really tell if this is a truly bad situation or something that can be fixed.

    I guess his logical over emotional approach to life can confuse me and I get confused by all of his behaviour. I just want to know if with better communication, working on ourselves and time we will work? Or if this is just a toxic situation.