He told me I'm the SECOND best sex he's ever had?

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    Yes. Be petty and manipulative because you heard an honest answer to a question you probably should not have asked in the first place. Make him pay for making you feel insecure.

    Exactly. Don't ask if you can't handle the truth.

    Pull him aside and let him know that your sex life shouldn't be a topic of conversation in front of other people. But give him a pass, cause alcohol = poor judgment.

    I agree, I shouldn't have even asked.

    But due to alcohol my judgement was altered also and it was natural for me to ask him the same question after he'd asked me. I didn't really think of the consequences and I suppose now I'm dealing with them.

    Don't think of it like that. Sex gets better with practice. There's only one way to go and that's up.

    I said that to him - that I want to improve and believe with time and getting to know what each other likes it'll only get better. But he said "it was due to the circumstances - I knew her for 5 years and isn't anything you can change, she isn't half the person you are and it's nothing to worry about."

    But it doesn't make any sense to me.

    Makes sense to me. How long have you known him?
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    For a year. I understand if you've known someone longer of course they may be more likely to be more compatible with you sexually. But he told me it's something I can't change, I suppose I had the belief over time we'd come to be even more compatible.

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