Moon Cap/Scorp ascen/Venus Lib
I love it! Talkin bout cheesy, I got my Aries (cheese & wine fan) a cheeseboard with engraved cheese cutter as a souvenir hehehe! It read "I only wanna brie with you" LOOOL!

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Primary school compared to high school? Did you misbehave? How often/what did you do? Did you have many friends? Were you smart or dumb af
Do you truly believe that good things come to those who wait? Or is this just a theory? Never having been in a real genuine relationship I feel like I have been waiting forever for something I know I should be patient with. I'm 25 been in my career 3 yea
But why? We're supposed to be initiators and trailblazers but so far all I see is peasants entertaining boring Ask Aries posts!