I'm back ... Need more help

It seems that this went as i expected...and that's a good thing

But tbh with you...lol..i don't really understand your *paranoia* about him not being *interested in you somehow* lol

Well i do fully understand your position and the situation...this will be a very hard thing for you if you want to follow it through...and it's not easy at all to be in your position...but it's alo what @LibraLovesHim said..."how old are both of you ?"

Because the thing with LDR is that it requires alot of maturity from both in order not to fall into Paranoia...

But let's get back to him and the not interested thing hehe ^^

Why is that you think that ?...

Wold you rather prefer having him reduce the number of messages, but instead say "I love you and i miss you so much ?"...lol....you know what i wold say to that ?...total bullbutter....lies...it's all about actions

If he increased the number of things he is *doing for you*...it's because he is thinking more about you....if he is thinking about you...it's because he either likes you or he hates you...but you are not indiferent...and on your specific case...he obviously Likes you ofc ^^

Let me give you an example on how i see all of this *things* about people expecting *big words* from other people ^^

Let's say you were with 4 guys in the last 10 years....to all of them you said "I Love you"...to 3 of them you even wrote poems and stuff like that ^^

And now imagine i was the 5th...and you wold also say that you loved *me* and also wrote the poems...lol...tell me...what makes me diferent from the others ?... after all, you did to them the same things you are *doing* to *me*...Why are you not with them if you Loved *them so much* ?..( i know life is complicated lol this is just an example)...Did you really Loved them at the end of the day ?...If so how come you already forgoten them and why ?...Why are you doing to me the same things you did to them?...Am i even Unique to you ?....etc, etc...

So...here is the most important question.....What the treetrunk is Love after all ?... ^^

Love lies on the perception of the individual itself....so expectations is the *real killer* sometimes...and since we are talking about Aries here.....Love is something Extremly Unique and diferent from everything else...Love does not follow Logic or Patterns...Love is the most illogical thing that us humans *have*...a good way to see if you are in Love is...if nothing makes sense at all haha xD (don't take this literally ofc hehe)

Look at his actions...he really likes you...don't push him with the *big words* and expressions thing lool...this things comes with time...try to chill...and hey, if you want to send him a message...just do it,..but understand that in your current situation he might not reply imediatly...it might take time because he is on a new place doing new things...but it doesn't mean at all that he doesn't like you...that is something that for sure it doesn't mean ^^

Take care and again....chill ! lol

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