So I think I messed this up. I'm such an overthinker, It pisses me sometimes.
Two days ago was my birthday, my Aries forgot about it and just didn't make much effort at all. He said sorry few times and I'm willing to get over it.

But it made my blood boils, I was so upset. He's in NY and he moved there last month. He's been texting me every day. We've been seeing each other before he moved away for almost a year. I'm going to visit him in December.

Anyway. He brings the best out of me. When I'm around him I want to be a better person. I know this sounds so cheesy but it's true. He's blunt and honest and I don't speak what's on my mind a lot. That's why I'm writing it down here lol

I got so mad and I told him I was mad and now he's mad because I said he never cared. Technically speaking we haven't labelled ourselves. Oh he's soooo mad that I kept it this long to tell him that when he first ended things in May it made me insecure about how he truly feels about me.

I don't know what to do. I just told him that things were so good. I didn't feel the need for him to reassure my feelings and a big ALSO. He was going away, I wanted to be there for him and be supportive not pouring my heart out and tell him I love him and that would just make things harder as well.

He's so mad that he said he'll talk to me tomorrow. So butter !! what am I going to say ???

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