Posted by tctap
stop trying to figure out what to say - you owe it to yourself and him to tell him how you feel and that is that - put it out there because that is what it is - with no expectations of getting anything back

nothing he says will change how you feel so just put it out there - tell him everything and get it off your chest

put the egg in his basket

that will give him the opportunity to express himself - it doesn't sound like you have any idea how he really feels but I suspect he feels the same way although things have changed a bit - you don't talk to someone every day and have a good thing - that sort of thing doesn't happen often so hold on to what you can if you can

work it out Libra - you know the way - but you will need to be open and vulnerable and take tiny steps in the right direction and stop trying to hide to so call save him - he needs to "feel" as well

and you need to know where he stands

deep breaths and god speed

Yeah I'm going to talk to him. You're right. I'm just so afraid of getting hurt and now I'm hurting both of us. I'll definitely try to talk to him later about it.

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