Posted by Rozaeon
I don't mean to be rude but you're starting to get really annoying with this story
Grow up and take some time to think instead of panicking and posting here everytime something is bothering you

This is why of dealing with things. You are not being, you are entitled to your own opinions.
Like I'm entitled to vent here, I obviously like this site and I love getting feedbacks because I'm an overthinking for sure. I know I can be annoying, If it annoys you personally you don't need to read it just ignore it.

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Like trying to push someone to their limit, just being obscene about it, at times?
slags? i'm debating with @itsmeroman about it. lets all discuss this wonderful sun/moon combo with all its glory.
I find this combination interesting. Aries being a fiery go-getter and Pisces being more laid back and taking things slow. Aries is ruled by Mars and is the god of war so to have Mars in Pisces seems a bit of a contradiction. Anyone know anyone mal