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I will change all my life, and meet her wherever she want's me to go.

That's nice to know.

You ain't a fighter, more like a lover, to me.

Humm..do i really give off that impression ?..because if you knew me irl i dunno if you wold say something like that ^^

But maybe i am...we all wear *mask's* after all...and i guess it's easier for us to take them off on the *Internet*

But isn't a Lover a Fighter also ?...after all you just asked "How far wold you go for Love" ^^

But i understand what you were trying to say ^^

I guess it's just a different type of *Battle*...one that is actually worth fighting all the way and how far it actualy need's to be...woldn't you agree ?

What are your placements?

I guess you are asking about the *big 4*, right ? ^^

Aries Sun, Aries Venus, Virgo Moon, Scorpio Mars...does that made sense with what you *wanted to know* ?

Ahh...actually I love that placement. It helps me with making things happened! I think.

Indeed ! it does makes me want to just..."go !"..like.."do it do it do it" haha

But it is a big contradiction with my Mars in Scorpio....all that "go go go" thing goes to a halt with that placement....and that one got a very big influence on me...especially when there are feelings involved...

What's your Mars ?!

PS: again with the virghoe thing ?! i am going to tell your Boyfreind that you are talking *trash* about his moon...ohhhhh i will !!! you won't get out of this one easily

My mars is the opposite of my venus. Librat mars.

I am having a more difficult time, compared to yours. It's a tug of war but many times, venus will win.

PS: Don't worry about it. I've told him the same thing too. He can do nothing. Let me repeat, NOTHING!
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Since i knew nothing about Libra Mars...i actualy read about it now, since i was the one that asked ! (very diagonaly...lool)

Humm, and it does seem like a contradiction to your Venus indeed ! I guess you just got 2 keep doing what you are doing and let that Venus Win ! hehe

I know...i know...oh well...such is the fate of all of us Virgo moons....there isn't really much we can do about it...

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