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I would go nowhere until this person proves me that he's worth it. Love isn't everything
I love to take risk and challenge myself but not for someone that will, " fatally ", be a total disappointment in the future

Love isn't everything? What IS everything? And wait until you fall in love and not that crap you apparently dealing with now thinking its'll be surprised! Or it might never happen...not everyone blessed/cursed with love.

You actualy do say some very accurate stuff from now and then... ( and then lool ^^)

Only those that haven't ever been in Love...don't know what you are talking's very true what you just said..all of it

I normally knowy stuff unless I want to treetrunk with people's brains.

Now please tell me HOW so we explain those who think they know what love is - what love REALLY is?
Been banging head against the wall but verdict: Mission impossible! Lol

Love DaVinci!

Well...we actualy don't and can't

It's like touching fire for the first will know what a burn feels tasting will know what salty is tasting will know that it tastes sweet...etc...

And when you taste Love...oh will know for sure that it is Love, when you just can't explain what the hell is going on

Even if you one besides you and your Loved one wold be able to understand it.

That's the beauty of Love and everything have to *taste* it first ^^

Agree. When you can't explain what ta heck is going
Very close description.

You can try to hide it...deny it...rationalize and try whatever you does not never allways comes back.

Love is simply the oposite of is the power that makes us go and see everything out of the is the power of Creation and it got absolutly no Rules.

The moment someone starts to place *logic* on it...hummm..dear oh dear...that is not Love...

Love is just like you said...a Blessing and a Curse...and once you taste it...there is absolutly nothing that can even come close or compare to's treetrunking insane hehe ^^

Lol. Great speech! And you mean you like an idiot just blindly trust to the object of the madness and don't question them?

Someone here doesn't understand how is it possible and insist they know what love is...

You could question the object of your madness...and you most certainly will...but you can try all you doesn't never's Love.

Going to give you an example..

It's like a son that comited murder...the mother knows it is wrong...she knows that what he did is something that goes agains't all she believes...but it does not matter....she can try all she wants...but she will be allways thinking about him everyday....and she will be there every week on that prison for him...delivering some *food* to his son until the day he gets out....because no matter what...that is his son...and she Loves him...she allways matter what. it for family, a partner, a object, a study, art, sports, etc,'s simply and just...something else
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OMG! Exactly! That is twin flame love!
But what those who don't know - will never see it this way.
He didn't text me back...blocking his ass on social media
and run ask in forums why is he such an ass!
Really??? Yeah...and then they claim that they really loved
this person...until he forgot to text back!

Oh brother! What's definition of love? I'll go

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