I love to smile. I'm a happy little treetrunker
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I would go nowhere until this person proves me that he's worth it. Love isn't everything
I love to take risk and challenge myself but not for someone that will, " fatally ", be a total disappointment in the future

Love isn't everything? What IS everything? And wait until you fall in love and not that crap you apparently dealing with now thinking its love...you'll be surprised! Or it might never happen...not everyone blessed/cursed with love.

You actualy do say some very accurate stuff from now and then... (notice..now and then lool ^^)

Only those that haven't ever been in Love...don't know what you are talking about...it's very true what you just said..all of it

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I actually agreed with what she said.

Butt, we both have same sun, moon and venus.

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and even though he/she were no longer a part of your life, you knew that somehow, you can and will never forget this person. What's their sun, moon and venus? State yours as well. Me : Gemini, Leo, Aries Him : Sag, Aries, Cap Now this dude is
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