really need help with this Cancer man

  • Arielle83
    Good c.u.n.t.
    Posted by teerytotsx
    Posted by Arielle83
    But you're both passive aggressive. That's why this whole situation is annoying.

    Please don't fall for a guy after he comes quick.

    It isn't endearing

    You need more than that.

    That makes sense. I don’t think I fell for him, just catching some feelings and wanted to set the record straight.

    Sounds like it’s even way worse now lol. If I don’t react to his small advances, he pulls away. If I do, I feel like I’m scaring him away. So what do I do!? Lol. This is so tiring.
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    Be honest. Do you actually like him?
    Or do u like the push and pull?
    Some ppl like the game to see if they can win the person.

    He feels rejected. He wants u to meet his advances as well. He wants the passion but he's scared to approach in case he makes it awkward.

    If you come at him too fast, he will retreat because you've changed suddenly. It needs a balance.

    But are u sure you actually like him?

    It just seems like a headtreetrunk to me.

    How he acts kinda turned me off.

    "I'll find someone else". Bs. I'd be like ok run along then. But that's just me.
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