really need help with this Cancer man

  • Also, why won’t he just meet someone else from tinder whenever he comes to my city? I’m sure he’s talking to some other chicks too but why only want to see me? This is the biggest point that baffles me till now.

    And to bring it back a little - while we were talking about meeting up when he gets in (though as I mentioned the plan is canceled cos of last min work), he actually for once indirectly asked me out. He was like, “you can hit me after you’re done hanging out with your friends. Or we can grab lunch or something next day”. He NEVER says that. This is all after I expressed emotions, and apologized for my outburst.

    *slams forehead
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  • I think Cancer is the worst zodiac sign Can you prove that I am wrong? Show me cancer celebrities that are nice and smart and I will change my mind. All the Cancers I know are miserable and or stupid, it is what it is.