Aries man and Leo woman - How did it go for you?

Met an Aries guy online, and this is the first time for both of us that we moved so fast, felt super comfortable and found a great level of understanding in such a short while. Don't ask me the time we've been talking, you'd be surprised. We have a lot of common features. We've had our share of hurt in the past relationships (I've fully overcome all that and he's almost over her; he promised me that this is not like a rebound!). We're both "fiercely loyal", as he said it, highly honest and frank (both of us speak our minds to each other not in a hurtful, brash way, and we're very comfortable), we don't hide anything important, we're not possessive or pushy, this being long distance, we badly want to meet each other asap but we both are realistic enough to consider all factors like money, leave available, etc. to plan out a proper meeting (we've not met yet), we both have a strong liking towards each other and have never felt this comfortable with anybody else in the past, but we're both very careful to not make any impulsive moves, jump into a relationship and give it any labels too soon (even if we've already admitted to loving each other), we respect each other a lot and have even made this pact - "no matter what happens, even if we don't end up as a couple, I'll always be there for you; I will always be there when you need emotional/moral support and even if we get married to different people, we'll still make sure our partners understand what (the friendship) that you and I share. We'll never truly leave each other." He and I like each other on multiple levels, on every level - maturity, playfulness, intelligence, empathy, care, being pragmatic, romance, attraction, passion, communication, respect, tastes and interests, support, similar thinking and mindset... It's just unbelievable yet believable. Sounds cranky? But that's what it is like! It's like from the first minute, we totally know everything about each other!

My question: How good is this match in real life? I'm not asking about astrologers' predictions and theories but your personal experiences. how did it go for you?

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