I love to smile. I'm a happy little treetrunker
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I will change all my life, and meet her wherever she want's me to go.

That's nice to know.

You ain't a fighter, more like a lover, to me. i really give off that impression ?..because if you knew me irl i dunno if you wold say something like that ^^

But maybe i am...we all wear *mask's* after all...and i guess it's easier for us to take them off on the *Internet*

But isn't a Lover a Fighter also ?...after all you just asked "How far wold you go for Love" ^^

But i understand what you were trying to say ^^

I guess it's just a different type of *Battle* that is actually worth fighting all the way and how far it actualy need's to be...woldn't you agree ?

What are your placements?

I guess you are asking about the *big 4*, right ? ^^

Aries Sun, Aries Venus, Virgo Moon, Scorpio Mars...does that made sense with what you *wanted to know* ?

Ahh...actually I love that placement. It helps me with making things happened! I think.

Indeed ! it does makes me want to just..."go !""do it do it do it" haha

But it is a big contradiction with my Mars in Scorpio....all that "go go go" thing goes to a halt with that placement....and that one got a very big influence on me...especially when there are feelings involved...

What's your Mars ?!

PS: again with the virghoe thing ?! i am going to tell your Boyfreind that you are talking *trash* about his moon...ohhhhh i will !!! you won't get out of this one easily

My mars is the opposite of my venus. Librat mars.

I am having a more difficult time, compared to yours. It's a tug of war but many times, venus will win.

PS: Don't worry about it. I've told him the same thing too. He can do nothing. Let me repeat, NOTHING!

Since i knew nothing about Libra Mars...i actualy read about it now, since i was the one that asked ! (very diagonaly...lool)

Humm, and it does seem like a contradiction to your Venus indeed ! I guess you just got 2 keep doing what you are doing and let that Venus Win ! hehe

I know...i know...oh well...such is the fate of all of us Virgo moons....there isn't really much we can do about it...

Venus in Aries, Mars in Libra:You see-saw between a desire for freedom and adventure and the need for a partner. On the one hand you seek adventure on your own; on the other you want to be close to your partner. The ideal is a balance between the two, of course, but you could spend many years of your life struggling with it! Knowing you are one of a pair turns you on, but you also feel fabulous when you are finding your own adventures. Because you tend to seek out the (perhaps elusive) partner, love can be a bit of a battle zone for you. You are especially addicted to the game of getting and of keeping love–the flirtations, the chase, the arguments, and so forth. This pursuit, as well as the challenge of keeping a relationship interesting, is even more exciting to you than the orgasm.

Told ya, it's crazy!

I've noticed, Virgo moons do have mood swings. I am trying my best to understand his needs although sometimes, it's aggravating.

But, I understand. That moon isn't easy either.

Indeed it is crazy !...i just checked my combo venus mars combo...and's *less crazy*..kinda very accurate ^^ (you saw that on cafeastrology right ?)

Very hard mood's horrible...if we don't feel *balanced*'s up and down..up and down...and it happens just like that for something that we thought, saw or heard (at least for me)....

Since your boyfreind is also a Fire sign...i guess the trick here is to spark is that...and you will put his emotions Up again and he will most likely get over it very fast ^^

Yep, on cafeastrology. He has his venus in Libra, which is opposite my venus.

Thank God he has Libra mars as well, so it's all good. I personally love Scorpoop mars tho'. Lots of my close ones has that mars. I love seeing how they got mad over small lil things and I will laugh at them.

You have your mars in Scorpoop? Good! bahahahaha

And now it's Scorpoop, hun ?...I thought we were freinds ?!? hehe

Yes, that's great you both got the same Mars...tbh and imo, if there is a placement you should allways look for in terms of's same Mars..

Mars is action, and in long term and when both are *helps* alot and creates a greater understanding...because the *actions* tend to be *the same*

Of course we are friends. My Librat mars love your Scorpoop mars. JS

Yeah, it's good to have the same mars, but I think mine is a lil bit more evil than his. This is my confession. lol

Somehow...i actualy doubt that *freinds thing*... lool Scorpoop Mars ?! haha xD

I think that is the combo of your Moon and Mars at play tbh...jfc you Leo Moons sometimes...i actualy sometimes stare and say..."did you actualy just said that ?!.." hehe
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Haha! No, I'm serious. I do actually love that mars because... I kinda like to see them getting all mad. The way they sulk at even the smallest issue just makes me laugh.

I called them the hornisme.

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