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Wth out of all people.

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On my iPhone, I’m having a major problem with a google ad that keeps popping up and redirecting DXP to another site to win a fake prize!! It’s happened 100 times. I can hardly use DXP. I have to keep refreshing. Most of the time, it doesn’t stop redire
Hello admin, I'm new here, and I seem to have a problem with my topics. None of them seem to show up. Is there a setting that needs adjusting, or what do I need to do to fix this? Does anyone know? Thanks in advance if you any clue! LaBellaDo
I’m having problems with posting. If I’m writing a pm, and then click on the word I misspelled, it automatically jumps to the link saying not a subscriber? And then everything I write disappeared, Does that mean if I subscribe I won’t have issues with