What would an Aqua want in a partner.. ?

Posted by saweetz1988
Posted by lisabethur8
i would definitely look for the man's venus and moon, and his other planets too and what houses are dominant.
his personal taste ect.

and same life goals. Jeezzz that is sooooo important.

oh that's for a man. lol

for women sun and mars and jupiter.

Yeah but that's super confusing . So do I go base on sun , moon or venus for a man? LoL maybe moon? Since emotional needds is the most important, what do u think?
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You know what Lisa it's funny u say that. Like I have Taurus sun but if I have to settle down, mental connection is my number one .n I think that's coz of my moon and mars in Aqua. Conversation. Deep talk and real friendship. So perhaps the moon or mars play a big part in this? What's ur moon n mars again?

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