Breaking Up with a Libra?

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    Posted by ShyCappie24
    I have been dating a Libra since a year. Major cons for me: Sometimes all the love can get suffocating. Indecisive, as wants to only make the best decision. He's overly concerned with appearances, his own that is. Spends truckloads of money on clothing etc to keep himself looking good. Flirts without knowing it (this is very annoying to me as a Cap). Can lie about/hide little things just to keep the peace or to not 'ruffle' you (but my Scorp Venus always finds out :p). Gets scared easily. Kind of childish and playful forever. So, how do I break up with him without too much drama? I respect him but do not have the same feelings anymore. Any advice would be greatly appreciated.

    Something tells me this isn't what you want.
    The topic sentence of this thread is misleading.
    In the beginning, you asserted that he was suffocating you will all this love.
    However, the following sentences don't support this statement.

    These were the examples you listed instead..
    1. Overly concerned with appearances.
    2. Flirts with other women.
    3. Indecisive
    4. Secretive

    You're very insecure about your relationship, and you're behaving in a passive aggressive manner.
    You're hoping to make a clean break before he does.

    I'm not a Libra, so I will not offer any advice on how to break up with him.

    However, please DO consider addressing your insecurities about the relationship before you take any action.

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