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AverageJoe bka lilwee's recent exposure got me wondering how free others are when it comes to sharing nudey pictures. I'm guessing I'm not alone in having shared pics of my tata's and nana with love interests via text and/or the net but I wonder if others do the same?

- Have you ever share nudey pics or any forms of electronic media with a SO?

- Have you received nudey media from a SO?

- Have you ever shared nudey pics that you've received with others?
Yes but only if his wee is teeny tiiny and I won't have sex with him.

- Do you fear that your SO will share your pics and if so, is it possible to die from embarrassment?
Most of the guys I trust but the reality is, they share don't they?

- If someone requested a naughty pic, what part of your body are you most likely to share?
My boobies or abs.

- What is the weirdest nudey request or pic you've ever seen?
1. The one where the body builder was squatting naked, his wee was pointing down and it looked like he was taking a butter.
2. Weirdest video was a 50 y/o man that I opened a year later while deleting files off my computer. Not only was he small, but he was VIOLENTLY wagging his wee back and forth...shaking it like he hated it and then nutted. I watched in utter disgust and aweam I hate him and want to upload it on the net but karma says no

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