49 years old female from Small Town, USA
Mrs Aqua
I'm done sharing honest thoughts. Burned for the last time! Shield is up and will remain up. I let it down for one person who didn't appreciate. I don't think people realize the impact of being a chosen one to learn our true thoughts.

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What does it take for you to admit feelings? I dont even mean I LOVE YOU. I mean just feelings. How to get you to open up? IF you are still talking to someone after 2 years, is it safe to assume you like them. How do you show care for someone?
Im getting back with my cap ex after almost 1 year of being apart. I ended it because after 2 years of seeing each other he didn't seem ready to commit & didn't make me a priority. I never got over him , he contacted me saying he missed me & wanted to wor
Hey guys I've been on here on in off with my Cappy guy. Trying to tap mainly inside a general insight on a Cappy guys emotional mechanisms. It's been three years with my Cappy in a long distance relationship. It's had its challenges as my Cappy after a ye